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September 2, 2014 | Hong Kong

Snaptee raises US$750K from SXE Ventures and Nest


Snaptee announces the closing of a USD 750K round from Hong Kong and SE Asia investors, new investors in this round including SXE Ventures, Nest, Groupon founders Danny Yeung and Joel Neoh.

The new funding will be used for expanding the team to speed up market expansion in the US and Japan, and also development of the next generation Snaptee platform.

"We are seeing a lot of activity from users, with over a million designs on our platform. So far we have been very focused on design creation and now we feel that the timing is right for us to work on product diversity and product discovery; users will see these new features implemented in the upcoming major revision of our app. I am confident designers will be excited to see how their creations will have an expansive reach on the new version of Snaptee, owing to the emphasis on community sharing aspects we are pushing for."

Already in the works is a new version of Snaptee that is expected to hit shelves before the holiday season this year. Users can expect tighter integration tools with app partners as well as features that further promote community sharing of designs.

Snaptee is on a mission to make clothing design accessible to everyone, and to empower mobile users to create professional apparel with a few taps of their devices. To date, Snaptee has fulfilled orders to thousands of customers from 55 different countries. Snaptee is free to download on the iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play. It is available in English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Simplified Chinese, with more languages to be added soon.

March 27, 2014 | Hong Kong

Snaptee Celebrates 1 Million T-shirt Designs by Launching New Partnership Program for Camera App Developers


Snaptee, the mobile app that makes it easy to design custom apparel using only a smartphone, today announced that its international community of users has created over 1 million T-shirt designs, a milestone for the one-year-old company. Snaptee is marking the day with the launch of a new app partnership program for camera and design app developers, with popular camera app Manga Camera signing on as its first beta partner.

“We are big fans of Manga Camera and were thrilled when they recognized this partnership as a unique opportunity to tap into a new revenue stream and extend their users’ connection to their brand,” says Wai-Lun Hong. “Now, with a tap of a button, all Manga Camera comics can be taken by their creators into the Snaptee app and turned into wearable art.”

Photos and designed text make up the bulk of designs in Snaptee, signaling an untapped opportunity for the apps that Snaptee users are already employing. The company believes that their program can offer these app developers, who may currently rely on traditional in-app purchases or ads, a more interesting way to monetize. Interested developers go through a simple sign-up process to apply:

Snaptee launched on iOS in August 2013 and on Android in October 2013. Currently, black and white T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts are available for custom printing. The company plans to release tank tops in May.

Snaptee is on a mission to make clothing design accessible to everyone and to empower smartphone users to create professional looking apparel with a few taps of their devices. To date, Snaptee has shipped orders to 55 countries worldwide. Snaptee is free to download on the App Store or in Google Play and is available in English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Simplified Chinese, with more languages to be added soon.

October 2, 2013 | Hong Kong

Snaptee Brings Custom T-shirt Design Fun to Android


Snaptee, the mobile app that makes it easy to create one of a kind custom T-shirts using only a smartphone, today announced the launch of its Android app. Free to download on Google Play, the app rounds out the company’s mobile portfolio, which includes the iOS app that debuted on August 1 and was featured by Apple in over 35 App Stores worldwide. More than 300,000 unique T-shirt designs have been created by Snaptee users thus far. The company anticipates that number to increase significantly now that the app is available to the entire smartphone community.

Snaptee is on a mission to make T-shirt design accessible to everyone and to empower smartphone users to create professional looking T-shirts with a few taps of their devices. The introduction of its Android app brings the company one step closer to democratizing the fashion creation process.

“Our iOS users have been extremely positive about their Snaptee experience and their friends want to join in on the fun,” says co-founder Wai-Lun Hong. “We have been receiving so many requests for the Android app that we moved our release schedule up to meet that demand as quickly as possible.”

The growth of Android phone usage globally makes the introduction of Snaptee for Android all the more important. “We want everyone to be able to design their own great looking T-shirt,” adds Hong. “With the launch of this version, we have an opportunity to delight and empower the rest of the world, especially in Android heavy priority markets like Japan and South Korea.”

Now that Snaptee is available on all platforms, the company is turning its attention to building out the app ecosystem to enrich the user’s design experience. Snaptee is actively seeking collaborations with sticker and graphic designers, as well as illustrators, in order to provide users with more tools and inspirations to spark their creativity.

Snaptee began developing the iOS app in early 2013 and was chosen for “New and Noteworthy” by Apple during its six-month beta period. The official iOS app launched in early August and was featured in the App Store a second time, allowing Snaptee to build up solid momentum moving into Android. Both iOS and Android versions of the app are available in English, Japanese, Korean, German and French, with more languages to be added soon.

With its easy-to-use functions, Snaptee has quickly become a go-to source for high quality, custom T-shirts. Users have embraced the customization capabilities through in-app filters, design templates, fonts and colors. To date, Snaptee has shipped orders to 52 countries. Snaptee recently launched a kids’ tee to join the men’s and women’s cuts, completing its first collection of 100% organic cotton crewneck T-shirts. Snaptees are priced at US$19.99 plus US$5 worldwide shipping.

September 9, 2013 | Hong Kong

Snaptee Launches Kids’ T-shirts
to Make Custom Design
a Family Affair


Snaptee, the first mobile app that allows users to design and order their own custom T-shirts directly from their smartphones, is inviting kids to join in on the fun. The company today announced the addition of 100% organic cotton T-shirts for boys and girls ages 2-10. Now, families can create unique designs together and turn those designs into real T-shirts adults and kids alike can wear, all with just a few taps on their smart devices.

“We’re excited to give kids a chance to experience the magic of being able to wear a virtual design they created, whether on their own or with the help of their parents,” says Wai-Lun Hong, co-founder and CEO. “A T-shirt is a great canvas for memories to be made and shared. Now, with the introduction of kids’ tees, we believe Snaptee can be a fun tool for families to make something special and personal to them.”

The easy-to-use app allows users to create one-of-a-kind T-shirts with personal pictures, in-app filters, design templates, and a choice of fonts in different colors. When ordered, Snaptee digitally prints each T-shirt one at a time and sends it directly to the user, anywhere in the world.

Like all Snaptees, kids’ T-shirts are made of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Organic Exchange 100 Standard (OE100) certified organic cotton for the most comfortable and safest wear.

Currently, the company offers white crewneck T-shirts, with plans to release other colors and cuts by the end of year. The app can be downloaded for free onto the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, with an Android version coming in early October. All T-shirts are priced at US$19.99 plus US$5 worldwide shipping.

The Snaptee app launched on August 1 and was quickly chosen to be featured by Apple in over 35 App Stores, internationally and in the U.S. Over 300,000 unique T-shirt designs have been created thus far by the Snaptee community of users.

August 1, 2013 | Hong Kong

Snaptee’s New Mobile App Turns Everyone Into a T-Shirt Designer


Tech startup Snaptee is on a mission to turn everyone into a fashion designer. Today, the company announced the official launch of its free mobile app, the first of its kind that allows users to create their own custom T-shirts with a few taps of their smartphone. Snaptee is using technology to challenge traditional T-shirt design processes by putting the power to create directly in the hands of the end user. Utilizing an array of easyto-use tools, designers of any experience level can create, buy, and even sell their T-shirts completely InApp. When ordered, the virtual designs are brought to life one at a time through Snaptee’s efficient digital printing process, made on 100% organic cotton, and shipped directly to users around the world.

“The beauty of technology is that it can simplify your life,” says Wai-Lun Hong, co-founder and CEO. “Before Snaptee, when you wanted to create your own T-shirt, you had to hire a professional designer and find a print shop. Now, you can simply pick up your phone, let your imagination fly, and have your own creation delivered straight to your door.”

The Snaptee App has a bold interface filled with a variety of functions including photo and Instagram integration, choice of fonts and colors, custom filters and design templates to inspire creativity. In addition to social media sharing, Snaptee features a Remix button which enables users to open up their designs to others for reinterpretation and reuse.

“We’re especially proud of Remix because it encapsulates the core values of Snaptee: Creativity and Community,” Hong says. “These are the two C’s that make up our logo and represent the creativity explosion that’s possible when an empowered community inspires and shares together.”

Boasting over 130,000 users since its soft release in Q1 2013, Snaptee has already received more than 160,000 unique T-shirt designs from 45 countries, including from key markets U.S., Japan, and Germany. Though users are also embracing the ability to sell their T-shirt designs for a 10% commission per order, for now, Snaptee is not rushing to set up a separate e-commerce portal. The company is committed to its one-of-a-kind, one-at-a-time approach which it believes makes Snaptee stand out from other T-shirt companies.

Currently, the company offers white T-shirts in a men’s cut and a new flattering women’s cut, with plans to debut kids’ versions before the end of summer. All Snaptee T-shirts are made of certified 100% organic cotton for the most comfortable and eco-responsible wear.

Snaptee for iPhone and iPod touch is free to download from the App Store. Snaptee T-shirts are priced at US$19.99 plus US$5 worldwide shipping.

February 28, 2013 | Hong Kong

Snaptee raises USD 600k to rewire the T-shirt industry. The revolution launches on your iPhone.

Snaptee announces the completion of a USD 600k seed round of funding from a group of Hong Kong and Singapore investors, including successful Hong Kong-based founders Yat Siu from Outblaze and Animoca, Chris Lee from 6waves, Mikaal Abdulla from 8 Securities (a Techcrunch Disrupt Beijing finalist), Singapore-based angel investor Emanuel R. Breiter and Hong Kong-based investor Tytus Michalski of Fresco Capital.

“Our mission is simple: realize your creativity,” said the founder and CEO, Wai-Lun Hong. “Using Snaptee, you can turn your mobile photo into a unique T-shirt masterpiece with just a few taps. The only limitation is your imagination! The revolution is enabled by the rapid improvement of mobile cameras and the abundance of mobile photo apps like Instagram. Today, most people already have thousands of photos on their smartphones and now Snaptee allows anyone to transform an experience into a beautiful T-shirt in a snap."

With 10,000 T-shirt designs submitted and growing 100% month-on-month, Snaptee is starting with the iOS experience. “Designing a T-shirt on your mobile device is just the first step. Ultimately, Snaptee will be available anywhere and anytime you want a T-shirt,” said Wai-Lun Hong.

The Snaptee app is free and available on AppStore. Download now and experience how easy it is to design your unique T-shirt with Snaptee.

About Snaptee

Snaptee Ltd. is the first mobile app in the world that allows users to design, order, and sell their own unique custom T-shirts directly from their smartphones. Snaptee is striving to disrupt the traditional processes of the US$20 billion T-shirt industry by using technology to reconnect resources, drive efficiencies in production, and remove barriers to creation. Headquartered in Hong Kong and run by an international team, the company envisions a creativity revolution where people are empowered to express themselves in an easy and fun way, and inspire others in turn, through a medium they can wear. For more information, please visit

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